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2016 French SIAL food exposition

2016 French SIAL food exposition hosted by the aibo exhibition group, aibo exhibition group is the first big exhibition in France, one of the world's top ten exhibition group, nearly 60 professional exhibition every year. SIAL exhibition in Paris, France, founded in 1964, so far has a history of more than 50 years. SIAL food exposition in France and Germany the Anuga food exposition of staggered held each year, is the whole of Europe and even the world's largest food industry event. 


During the fair, my company to show customers to communicate a conversation with multiple countries, promote my company's advanced product knowledge, firm growth history. Between companies with more than 30 countries on international cooperation, coupled with excellent product quality the company has received international recognition, many to show customers visit our company in the area with the salesman reached a preliminary cooperation intention, and hope to have chance to visit to discuss as soon as possible. 



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